I was going through the calendar on my phone and I noticed key national holidays that were already prepopulated and inserted on their respective dates. New Year’s Day was listed, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, the fourth of July and Christmas were prominently listed. As were many other holidays. However, there was no trace or mention of Father’s Day. I looked a few times, thinking that surely, I must have missed it. But no, I had not overlooked or missed it, it was not there. I was dumbfounded and taken back. Why was this holiday missing from the calendar? I asked myself. Then it dawned on me as I began to think about how crowded restaurants are, on Mother’s Day and how easily accessible they are on Father’s Day. For many, fatherhood doesn’t matter. It has become a norm that more households are void of live-in dads and it is far too common, for fatherhood to NOT be celebrated.

Through initiatives such as @TheFatherhoodMovement, DaddyTalks and the #FatherhoodMatters campaign, I am hopeful that more people will pause and show greater appreciation for fatherhood and will take the time to celebrate fathers who are on the job.

—Tony E. Sanders, Jr. (The Fatherhood Coach)